How To Make Money In GTA V

Cash is scarce in the first few hours of GTA 5, and this page describes How to Make Money in GTA 5, including perfectly innocent ways, and straight up cheats. if you need a extra few dollars to afford that shinyGrenade Launcher or Super Heavy Armor, read on.

Hidden Package Exploit

Scattered around the map (mostly offshore/underwater) are special Hidden Packages containing anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. Luckily, there is an exploit that you can use on the PS3/Xbox 360 versions, that will allow one character to collect any specific package numerous times. To exploit this glitch, follow these directions:

  • You MUST have two characters unlocked
  • You must use Scuba diving gear (so that you character doesn’t run out of oxygen). To retrieve the scuba gear, you’ll need to find a Dinghy boat at the harbor.
  • Swim towards the package preferably the $25,000 one) and collect it.
  • Immediately after collecting the money, switch to the second character. After the switch is made, immediately switch BACK to the character in the ocean and the package will reappear in the same spot. SWEET!
  • Take note that this glitch does NOT work on the PS4/X1/PC.

Repeat the procedure as many times as needed to gain enough cash. With patience, you can easily collect up to $2 million in 30 minutes just on the glitch alone! This only works once, so if you leave the area and come back, the package will be gone.

when to invest in GoldCoast (GCD)

Before you complete the construction assassination invest in Gold Coast. The share price almost doubles in value after the mission. The biggest payout I’ve found  in the stocks yet.

Street Races

Street races are an excellent source of income whenever Franklin is low on money. I would recommend getting a Coil Voltic electric sports car and customizing that up as far as possible. Using Franklins unique special talent it is rather easy to win any of the races. Just trigger the special talent before each sharp turn or in each critical situation (e.g. dense traffic) by simultaniously pressing L3 and R3 and going around corners at full speed becomes real easy. Don’t forget to switch off the talent again as soon as possible to keep your yellow talent power bar filled. And always make sure to have the yellow bar maxxed out before starting a race.

Not enough money to customize your race car? Just trade it over to another character by parking it at a convenient location (e.g. Trevors place), switch characters, go to the location and the car will still be there. Then customize it and trade it back.

Saving is Earning

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